Quilt Manufacturing Process - Direct from Our Factory


Making Of Quilts By Women Artisans Of Jaipur and Nearby Villages. Few Glimpse Direct from our factory. How quilts are made?
Quilt Manufacturing Process:

  1. Step 1: Refining Of Raw Cotton For Stuffing
  2. Step 2: Preparing Cotton Batting For Making Quilt
  3. Step 3: Combining 3 Layers Of Quilt - Quilt Top, Batting & Quilt Back
  4. Step 4: Beating Quilt To Level Up The Inner Cotton Batting
  • This is how quilts are made. Basically, quilts are made up of 3 layers. (Quilt Top, Batting or Filling & Quilt). At the beginning of the process, cotton is refined for filling or stuffing the quilt. After this, cotton is prepared as a batting layer. Then the quilt top, quilt back, and batting all the 3 layers are combined together. In the end, beat the quilt so that the inner cotton looks good and on the level.