Travel Journal

Buff Leather Handmade Paper Printed Travel Journals

Make your travel journal an imaginative portal where your feelings and ideas flourish!

Handmade travel journals are a place where you can write about the stories, adventures, memories and the experiences you had during your trips.

At deals for bulk, we have 100% recycled handmade paper travel journals which includes handmade canvas printed travel journal, fancy green base handmade diary with simple thread work, vintage print leather piping bahi journal, handmade pink diary with floral pattern, coptic binding printed travel journal,handmade notebook with embossed pattern allover,etc.

These travel journals have infinite uses and can be used for office, personal, gift, promotion and more. All our handmade paper printed travel journals are made with 100% recycled cotton paper and eco friendly raw materials which makes them more unique.

Made from buff leather, we have printed travel journals in which some have soft binding and some have hard binding. Each weighed 400 grams, having a GSM of 125 and total no.of pages are 144.

One of the thrilling features of our handmade paper printed travel journal is that mostly these are made by the artisans and karigars of Jaipur.

Also, we have customized recycled travel journals and can be available as per the designs and patterns which our customers provide.

Flick through our wide range of options available and choose the best one to make your journey more dazzling and magnificent.