Indian Kantha Throws

Kantha Throw Blankets Which Depict The Art & Craft of India

Kantha Throw Blankets are also one of the very famous articles that come under bedding also known as "sari quilts" or "homemade quilts".

What is kantha?

Kantha basically means "patched cloth" which is used for both the craft & stitch and the tradition of producing these artistic and unique Indian kantha throws.

What are kantha quilts made of?

Kantha quilts or kantha throw blankets are typically made up of old sarees, bed sheets, soft dhotis and discarded patched cloth using a unique, small & straight running kantha hand stitched method.

Are Kantha quilts warm?

Kantha quilts are light in weight but provide a good warmth at the same time. Kantha means “patched cloth”, refers to both quilted blankets as well as the tradition and stitch used in making these unique throws, light blankets or a bedspread. 

What are the uses of kantha quilts?

Mainly kantha throws are used as bedding but these blankets have other uses also like we can use it as yoga mat, curtains, car seat cover, tablecloth, rug, etc.

Can you wash Kantha quilts?

Yes, to maintain the color and fabric of the kantha quilts, we recommend machine wash with cold water, mild detergent and a gentle cycle. Then tumble dry on low or line dry kantha quilts. 

What thread does Kantha embroidery use?

The thread used in Kantha embroidery are of pearl cotton & satin in yellow, green, blue, black and red color. Sometimes threads of the stitched borders of dhotis, old sarees and bed sheets are also being used by the women while doing kantha embroidery.

What are the things you should care of while purchasing kantha throws online?

If you find a kantha quilt in pastel colors or sometimes faded, it is pretty much sure that either the fabric has been washed frequently or it is very old. Although,it happens very rarely but you should be taken care of. As kantha is the embroidery done by the women in Bengal now also in Rajasthan. They originally wear these types of sarees in vibrant colors so this is what you will find with authentic Indian kantha throws.