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Make Your Naptime Comfortable With These Jaipuri Cotton Quilts

When we talk about bedding, quilts are one of the most popular items in it.

A quilt is a three - layered textile composed of a woven cloth top, a woven back and a layer of batting. It is the most essential bedding needed during the cold winter nights.

Quilts are made up of basically 3 different fibres in which some are cotton made, some are made up of wool and in some quilts feather is being used.

Quilts are normally used as a bed covering but have many other uses too. They can be used for wall decorations, table runners, framed artwork etc. Also, people use old quilts in  reupholster furniture, doll clothing, etc.

For washing quilts, hand washing is the preferred method used for both handmade and machine made quilts. Machine washing can cause the stitches to unravel. But still if you want to machine wash your quilt, use cold water, shortest cycle and a gentle detergent.

We have 100% pure cotton handmade & machine made queen size (90 x 108 inches), twin / single bed & double bed quilts (Jaipuri razai)  in our extensive bedding collection in unique & artistic patterns and designs that can be an instant favourite article in your bedroom.

Like we have paisley printed quilts, floral bouquet printed, leaf printed, geometric design, X-mas tree printed, sunflower design, etc.

Other than Jaipuri razai, we have kantha throws, baby quilts, duvet covers, quilts for hotels, etc. in vivid colors and designs like patchwork design, indigo pattern, etc. Also, we have ac blankets (ac dohars) made with falalen fibre in single-bed, double-bed, etc.

These quilts have featherweight lightness which do not compromise to keep you excessively warm, super cozy and soft to touch. These quilts are skin friendly and washable. Moreover, these are fully reversible and can be used with both of its sides.

Our handmade quilts are made mostly by the women artisans of Jaipur and nearby villages.

Loose cotton is being used in our handmade quilts because these quilts are hand quilted by the women and no surgical cotton can be used as these ladies can’t insert the pin.

And, export quality surgical cotton is being used in our machine made quilts which will make your naptime super luxurious and memorable as well.

Our quilts are available at attractive prices so they can be a great gift option too.

Beat the chill! You can flick through our opulent collection and choose the best to uplift and give a charming look to your bedroom interior.