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Bedding & Bedspreads You Will Love

Bedding is a very popular term when we talk about home furnishing. To give our bedroom more gorgeous, classy and an eye catching look we go for different types of bedroom accessories.

Generally, it includes a bed sheet which covers the mattress, pillow with pillow case (also known as sham), quilt blanket, kantha throw, comforter, baby quilt, duvet, ac blanket (dohar), etc.

In our exclusive and luxurious bedding collection, we have 100% cotton handmade and machine made Indian cotton quilts (Jaipuri razai), baby quilts, kantha throws (throw blankets), ac blankets (dohars), quilt blankets for hotels, duvet covers, etc. in infinite patterns & designs and in various sizes like we have queen size quilts (90 X 108 inches), twin/single-bed, double-bed (quilts/dohars/kantha throws) which can transform your bedroom decor.

Our handmade bedding accessories are made mostly by the women artisans of Jaipur and nearby villages.

We offer queen size Indian quilts which have pure 100% cotton filling that promises to be extravagantly warm and at the same time these are very lightweight which allows you to carry them easily when you go outside while travelling.

Moreover, quilts are generally used as bedding but can also be used as wall hangings, table runners, etc.

Ac summer blankets (dohars) which we have are made with falalen fibre which makes them extra soft, fluffy & warm and their featherweight lightness always impresses its users. Also, these double bed ac dohars provide adequate warmth & softness irrespective of their lightness.

We also have kantha throws in our bedding collection. Kantha throws are also very famous and depict the traditional art of India.

These are made with traditional & kantha hand stitched methods using old sarees, bedsheets and cloth and then layered and stitched with beautiful kantha running stitches running from one side of the kantha throw to another. 

These are also available in vibrant colors and designs. Some kantha throws which we offer are in pathwork design, some are in screen print design and some are in indigo pattern & color, etc.

Also, kantha throws are mostly used as bedding but can also be used as tablecloth, curtain, car seat cover, rug, yoga mat, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your bedroom interior with the most exclusive & 100% cotton made bedding collection of us.