Tapestry Wall Hangings

Uplift Home Interior With Gorgeous Handmade Tapestry Wall Hangings

When we talk about Home decor trends, Indian tapestry is one of the most beautiful, traditional and gorgeous handmade creations, we may use it to enlighten and bring beauty to our home interior with its intricate designs & patterns.

What is a mandala tapestry?

Mandala refers to a “circle”. It symbolizes Hinduism and Buddhism (represents universe) and also signifies that everything in life is connected & never ending. 

Mandala Tapestry is traditionally hand woven or machine woven, a form of textile art. We can see mandalas in our Moon, Sun, Earth and all around us. Mandala is also known as the Tree of life Tapestry, representing life and growth.

How does Mandala relieve stress?

Mandalas are made with the process of creating a round sacred circle, symmetrical images that tell your story and heal you. It is a form of art therapy, helps in relieving overall stress and anxiety. This universal circle is a remedy to promote concentration and vigilance. Preparing mandalas always makes you feel relaxed. These are the “depiction of the unconscious self”.

What are tapestries used for?

Tapestries are a decorative fabric hand woven or machine woven and sometimes embroidered used most often as wall hangings, porch hangings, for meditation, for dorm decorations, as a tablecloth, sofa cover, bed spread, as a beach throw, picnic blanket, etc.

Why are tapestries hung?

Tapestries are hung for wall decoration, meditation as it is a form of art that brings color to any living place. Larger tapestries are hung in halls, mansions and castles for interior decor.

Why are tapestries so popular?

Tapestries became popular with the hippie movement and bohemian subculture. In today’s time we say it's a beautiful form of art which encourages peaceful and thoughtful moments, illuminating the human spirit. This made tapestries a popular choice amidst art lovers.