Pocket Friendly Handmade Mini Diaries

‘Mini Small Pocket Notebooks’ as the name suggests is too small in size that it can be easily fit in your pocket and you can jot down your thoughts and inspirations which come to your mind straight away.

These pocket friendly diaries can be used as a journal, memo pad, notebook, log book, etc. Deals for bulk have 100% recycled handmade paper small pocket notebooks made up of buff leather which is extra soft and durable.

We have a vintage map printed small pocket diary, ganesha printed small pocket diary, elephant printed small pocket diary, etc. Each of our small pocket diaries has 100% recycled cotton paper with a dimension of 3X2 Inches and a weight of 150 grams having a total number of pages 96.

You should take extra precautions whenever you clean these diaries, use a soft dry cloth and keep away from water and other liquid substances.

Multi purpose small pocket notebooks which can be used while traveling, for office, promotion and can also be used as a handmade gift.

Also available in customized designs and patterns, the speciality of these small mini notebooks is that mostly these are made by the artisans and karigars of Jaipur which renders the traditional art of Rajasthan.

What makes our small pocket notebooks different from others is that all our handmade diaries are made with recycled paper and eco friendly raw materials which also helps in conserving the resources like forests, trees, etc.

Did you know that one ton of recycled paper can save around 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water and 380 gallons of oil?

So think about how exciting the handmade notebooks can be which are so environment friendly that not only saves the cost of paper and trees but also provides that instinctive feel when you use these small pocket handmade notebooks & that too with fine quality at wholesale prices as ‘Deals For Bulk’ is better known for its wholesale market online.

Have a look at our handmade paper small pocket diaries which are so handy that you can carry them with ease which delivers that legitimate feel whenever you write.