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Handmade Paper Products Which Delivers a Natural Feel

Handmade paper also known as a tree free paper is used to make distinct handmade paper products. There is a great charm in people for handmade paper products all over the world as these are made by the hands of the artisans and depict the tradition of a country or the place locally they are made in.

Broadly, it includes handmade paper leather notebooks, handmade paper photo albums, handmade paper lamps, handmade paper stationery, handmade paper travel journals, handmade paper envelopes, handmade paper small pocket diaries, handmade paper gift boxes, etc.

Our Products & Features

Here, at deals for bulk, we have a diverse collection of handmade paper products made up of 100% recycled cotton paper, including handmade leather notebooks made up of buff leather, vintage leather travel journals, small pocket diaries, etc.

Mostly, our handmade paper products are made by the artisans and karigars who reside in Jaipur and nearby villages.

We have notebooks which are ultra soft to touch, being made with recycled paper and eco- friendly raw materials.Their antique designs are what makes them unique like we have a threaded leather notebook with lock, map printed leather notebook, handmade paper leather notebook with salu salai,buffalo leather notebook with C latch lock, etc.

Handmade travel journals are also made up of 100% recycled cotton paper, are eco-friendly and have different patterns and designs like we have vintage print leather piping bahi journal, simple travel journal with thread work, handmade travel journal with traditional floral prints, etc.

Small pocket diaries are so small in size and pocket friendly that you can carry them anywhere you go with ease. We have a ganesha printed small pocket diary, elephant printed small pocket diary, vintage map printed small pocket diary, etc.

We provide all these products in customized designs and patterns as per our customers need.

We are engaged in providing a range of luxurious handmade paper products which do not compromise with the quality and deliver a natural feel to you whenever they are being used.

Invest some time and have a look at our products made with eco friendly and recycled raw materials.