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Which city is famous for embroidery in India?

Lucknow, in the state of Uttar Pradesh is the largest city of Northern India famous for embroidery mainly chikan embroidery/ chikankari on silk and cotton fabric. Chikan embroidery is very famous all around the world, and is the innovation of Lucknow city.   

What sheets do the best hotels use?

Best or the 5 star hotels use 300 thread count silky but more of crisp sheets that are mostly Egyptian cotton made, more breathable which keep you excessively comfortable and keep you cool.

Why do hotel sheets feel so good?

Hotel sheets feel good as they are made up of fine threads of cotton & polyester that also help us breathe better.

How often should you change your sheets?

According to most of the experts, we should change our sheets every week or every 2 weeks.

How do hotels get their sheets so white?

In hotels, firstly they wash sheets with laundry detergent, then again they wash them with  fabric softener . In the final wash they bleach the sheets to bring out the white color. However, hotels don’t bleach the sheets and other linens in the early days of its use. 

What are the most comfortable bed sheets?

-) 100% Cotton Sheets. As cotton is very soft to touch and natural so cotton sheets are very comfortable. 

-) Bamboo Sheets are also very soft to touch, comfortable and are favourite of many. 

-) Jersey Sheets, they make you feel like your old t-shirt, and are extremely soft.

What laundry detergent do hotels use?

Many hotels use HTD Heavy Duty Detergent, a laundry detergent that fights stains in the first wash. 

What thread count are hotel quality sheets?

Hotel sheets most commonly have 250 thread count. 5 star or luxury hotels use sheets that have a 300 thread count while retail sheets have 600-800 thread counts.  

How do I pick the best sheets?

Most oftenly, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet. Fine sheets range anywhere between 200-800 thread counts, you may also occasionally see sheets with over 1000 thread counts.