Why You Choose Jaipuri Razai For Snuggly & Warmest Winters In 2021

When in this modern era, decor trends talk about electric and weighted blankets and quilts, there is still that charm alive for the world famous Jaipuri razai or quilt that comes in aesthetic prints & designs, and have excessive warmth, softness and featherweight lightness.

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             Jaipuri Razai (“The Quilt of Jaipur”)

Jaipuri Razai also known as ‘the quilt of Jaipur’ is the fine specimen of superior craftsmanship of Rajasthan, India. The term Jaipuri razai emerged from the two most popular words ‘Jaipuri’ that means something which belongs to Jaipur and ‘Razai’ means Quilts.

These Jaipuri razai or quilts are very famous all around the world for its unique and exquisite style, including numerous forms of artistic alliance at distinct levels of its production. In addition to this, it is also well known for its functionality that makes you feel excessively warm, snuggly and comfortable amid cold wintry nights.

Jaipuri razai for winters are mostly handmade (hand stitched) by the women artisans of Jaipur and nearby villages. These artisans put tremendous effort and skills into making these artistic and most beautiful handmade creations Jaipuri quilts, traditionally made using an age-old technique of wood-block printing and screen printing. 

The speciality of these lightweight Jaipuri cotton razai lies in their world famous artistic designs and prints. It includes famous mughal print, floral print, patchwork design, geometric print, paisley design, elephant print, Xmas tree print, ethnic flower design, motifs, bagru print and most popular kantha embroidery done using traditional and running kantha hand stitched method, typically use of old sarees or bedsheets and cloth.

Also, with these soft cotton quilts you can make your naptime more pleasurable & legendary and can bring colors to your bedroom or living room with its natural colors, eye catchy and traditional designs and prints.

Jaipuri Razai Is Best For Snuggly And Warmest Winters

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Warm as toast, Light as air and Soft as cloud, this warmest quilt for winter excites you in every way possible. 

Jaipuri razai or Jaipur ki razai are well known for their aesthetic values and intrinsic qualities.

These quilts are mostly made with export quality 100% cotton and are oftenly handmade, which makes them extravagantly warm, snuggly and comfortable as compared to other fiber quilts.

It promises to be both deeply comforting and aesthetically soothing to its users. You can easily carry these quilt covers anywhere you want, as these are extremely light in weight but at the same time also ensure that it will never compromise to keep you adequately warm, soft and cozy during chilly winter nights.

Moreover, these are generally stuffed with 100% cotton which is the best quilt batting or padding as compared to other quilt battings such as wool, polyester, hollow fiber, poly cotton blend, bamboo, silk and so on. In addition to this, cotton is more breathable and skin friendly, loved and cherished by everyone around the globe. As once you get into it, Jaipuri razai will become your most favourite bed linen for winters. 

Nowadays, handmade things are cuddled more by people all around the world as these are made with hands and are unique. Most often, it depicts the tradition and culture of the region or country they are made in.

So, Jaipuri razai can also be a great handmade gift for any occasion or ceremony!  

How to Carefully Wash Jaipuri Razai and Its Most Effective Uses 

For washing Jaipuri quilts or razai, line drying or a gentle wash with cold water is the most preferred method used to maintain the vibrant color and texture of the quilt blanket. You can also dry clean your razai but never bleach as it fades the color and its visual beauty. 

 Original Jaipuri Razai

                                         Jaipuri razai is an art of quilt making

                                       Uses Of Jaipuri Quilts

Quilts of Jaipur are always a pleasure to own as these quilts have various uses other than just providing warmth and comfort like it can be used as:

  • A bedspread in any living room or bedroom
  • As a table runner 
  • Bed cover
  • For wall decoration
  • In reupholstery of furniture
  • In framed artwork, etc.

An interesting fact about how Jaipuri Razai came into emergence?

 Jaipuri razai for winter

In Rajasthan, people have constantly lived a nomadic life. They used to spend most of the time travelling from one location to another in search of food, shelter and work. 

Since a large area is covered with sand in Rajasthan that is the reason why it becomes a living freezer at night. 

Sand heats up fast that is why the days in Rajasthan are super-hot and it cools rapidly that makes the nights super-cold. So, there emerged the need for light carriages. Food was always needed after on the go and clothes were scarce.

Thus, the thing that was required were protectors to keep them warm like razais and quilts. In this way, the world famous Jaipuri razai or quilt come up.

Difference between Jaipuri Razai and Normal Razai

The main difference between Jaipuri razai and normal razai is their nature of filling, technique and quilting designs.

  • Jaipuri quilts are mostly stuffed with export quality 100% percent cotton making them lightweight and exceedingly warm whereas normal quilts are stuffed with other fibers like polyester, bamboo, silk, polycotton blend, wool, etc.
  • Jaipuri quilts are more breathable because of its cotton batting and provide legendary comfort while sleeping as compared to normal/ordinary quilts.
  • Jaipuri quilts are generally handmade and unique, hand quilted by the women artisans who reside in Jaipur and nearby villages. These are also machine-made stuffed with surgical cotton. However, ordinary quilts are mostly machine-made.
  • Jaipuri quilts come in various traditional and colorful designs and prints whereas ordinary quilts generally come in intricate free-motion quilting designs and patterns which are the most easiest way to stitch out.

How Making Of Jaipuri Razai Generates Employment For Rural Women

Hand Stitched Jaipuri Razai Online

 Art of quilt making generates employment at a very large scale for the women living in rural areas. The process of quilt making includes various levels of production. For this, labour at a large scale is required. Here, emerges the need of women artisans who are skilled and have talent of making beautiful and traditional quilts. 

Also, women have to take care of their family as well so with this process of quilt making they can easily take care of their family by helping them financially which is also a huge contribution in the rural income of the country. 

 So, when you are buying Jaipuri Razai for an opulent experience while sleeping and resting during chilly wintry nights? Let me know in the comments below!





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