Blankets & Dohar

Mesmerizing AC Blanket For Summers

AC Blanket or AC Dohar is a traditional summer blanket included in the category  of Bedding.

Dohar is basically made up of cotton to keep the breeze away when we sleep beneath AC. It comprises 3 sheets of- an airy, finest mulmul and an ultra breathable cotton muslin.

These are not quilted with hands or machines but are completely stitched.

Generally AC dohars are used in summers as a bedding and can be washed both by hands or in washing machines either they are handmade or machine made.

Although, hand washing is the preferred method but if you want to go with machine wash use cold water, mild detergent and a shortest & delicate cycle. 

For best results, you can line dry or tumble dry dohar. It is also recommended that you should not bleach the blanket and when you iron it do it at medium settings.

In our lavish and most captivating bedding collection, we have export quality 100% cotton made single-bed, double-bed ac blankets filled with falalen which soaks water and provides extra softness, warmth and are super comfy to its users. Its falalen filling makes these ac dohars more fluffy and their featherweight lightness always makes them unique.

Moreover, we have Jaipuri razai, kantha throw blankets, baby quilts, duvet covers, quilts for hotels, etc. in all sizes like we have queen size (90 X108 inches), twin/single bed, double-bed, etc. and in numerous artistic patterns and designs.

What makes our ‘deals for bulk’ completely different from others is that our all articles are made up of 100% cotton which makes them more authentic and those which are handmade are made mostly by the women artisans of Jaipur and nearby villages which also depicts the traditional art of India. 

Also, these are available at a highly attractive and reasonable price as deals for bulk is a bulk/wholesale market.

So, make your summers more comfy and super opulent with our most thrilling and magnificent collection and give your bedroom interior a fresh and mesmerizing look!